We are Policy

Cut through the noise


Voters deserve accessible and factual information about what parties and candidates say they’ll do if elected.

In a time of low trust in politics and media, it’s more important than ever for voters to have accessible and neutral sources of accurate political information.

The Policy tools provide simple, up-to-date information about election policies. Readers can find and compare clear information about key policies from the parties or candidates running for election. Readers can also favourite policies they like to create personalised lists, and can hide candidate names to browse free from bias.

We partner with media organisations to reach as many voters as possible, and hundreds of thousands of voters have used our election tools in New Zealand and Belgium.


Hundreds of thousands of voters around the world have used Policy tools. Our campaigns achieve sustained engagement with large and varied audiences.

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Our track record

New Zealand general election 2017

One in 20 New Zealand voters used the Policy tool ahead of the 2017 general election, browsing for an average of eight minutes and generating 1.5 million impressions over a five week campaign. The Policy tool covered eight parties’ policies across more than 30 issues, and included over 900 policies. It was the most detailed election policy comparison tool ever offered in New Zealand and, as far as we know, the world.

Our users were geographically dispersed around the country, with a rural-urban mix not dissimilar to the New Zealand population at large. Our users shared our content widely: despite no paid advertising, one third of referrals came from social media.

Belgium general election 2019

In Belgium, we partnered with Roularta Media Group to publish policy comparisons in French and Dutch for the more than 170,000 subscribers of Knack and Le Vif. Policy Belgium covered fifteen parties’ policies across 10 issues, and included over 300 policies. 

The Policy team provided editorial and technical support to our media partner in preparation for and during the election period.

New Zealand local elections 2019

Currently, Policy is covering the 2019 New Zealand local government elections where 3,616 candidates are contesting 573 separate elections. Policy Local displays more than 40,000 policies across the country, and is the first nationwide platform of its kind to be used in New Zealand.



Our purpose is to strengthen and protect democracy by providing the information voters need to participate.


We aim to be the most robust and comprehensive source of electoral information for voters

That means offering comparisons for all ballot votes, including parties, candidates and referenda, and committing to teach voters about how elections work.

We will always remain independent,
credible, accurate, and accessible

We retain financial independence from political interests and preserve voter's trust by keeping editorial and commercial decisions separate. We don’t cut corners when it comes to the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our reporting, and engage all voters through tools optimised for accessibility.

We don’t tell people how to vote

Where other tools attempt to align users with particular political parties through opaque algorithms and weightings, Policy tools do what they say on the label — they present clear information about policies and let users decide where they stand.

We believe privacy is a fundamental right
and vital to democracy

We carefully protect our users data by anonymisation, and allow access to our data only for purposes in the public interest — public reporting on elections, legitimate academic research, and improving the Policy tools for future elections.

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Our team

The Policy tools are created by a small team of New Zealanders who are committed to making election information more accessible.

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Ollie Neas & Asher Emanuel

Leads editorial and system design.


Racheal Reeves

Leads product design and development.


Chris McIntyre

Leads partnerships and operations. 

Our team’s work is supported by a mix of commercial sponsorship, advertising and donations. 

Our advertisers and sponsors have included Google News Initiative, the New Zealand Electoral Commission, Victoria University of Wellington, Internet New Zealand and leading New Zealand professional services firms.

We prize our reputation for independence. Sponsors, advertisers and donors have no influence on editorial decisions, and we only publish advertising on behalf of official government entities.


Let’s work together.

We can work with media partners large and small, having successfully partnered with Roularta Media Group, a major media conglomerate, as well as The Spinoff, one of New Zealand’s youngest and fastest growing media outlets.

The Policy tools are highly customisable to suit different electoral systems, languages and media organisations’ content management systems.